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Stainless Steel Vented Chimney Cap

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Fits Kamado Grills Too!

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“Enhance your Egg Experience”

 The Stainless Steel fully adjustable Vented Cap is the perfect replacement or upgrade for your Big Green Egg® “BGE”.  This SS vented Cap will fit the medium, large and extra-large BGE and offers many advantages compared to the original cast iron cap.  If you are replacing a broken or worn out cast iron cap or simply looking for a high quality upgrade with greater functionality and built-in advantages at a better price then this is what you need.

High-Temp Meta-Aramid (NOMEX®) felt gasket and High Temp Silicone Rubber Tab included!

Our SS Vented Cap is Stainless Steel (304 grade), the same material used by BGE for the lower vent, and like the lower vent it will not rust or break like cast iron.  The two piece venting design will maintain its setting (vent opening) when opening and closing (will not swivel open like the cast iron cap or fall off) your BGE top.  This will help prevent flare-ups or temperature surges from the vent accidentally opening when you open and close the BGE top.

The Stainless Steel vented Cap is a cost effective option to the cast iron cap and it’s durability and functionality make it even more economical. 

The SS Vented Chimney Cap can remain fully open when the Big Green Egg® is not in operation since the Cap provides protection from rain while allowing air flow during hot summer days.  This will help prevent the build-up of mold & mildew in the Big Green Egg® during periods of non-use. is confident that our newly designed SS Vented Chimney Cap will outperform your existing Cap and because it made of rugged Stainless Steel it will be the last Cap you will need to own for the life of your Big Green Egg®!


Benefits & Advantages of the SS Vented Chimney Cap:

  • The SS vented Cap maintains the setting when the Big Green Egg® is opened (does not swivel open).
  • The Stainless Steel body prevents rusting and can easily be removed for cleaning.
  • The SS Vented Cap will not accidentally fall off the Big Green Egg® in the fully open position.
  • The SS Vented Chimney Cap can remain fully open when the Big Green Egg® is not in operation since the cover provides protection from rain and this feature allows air flow during hot Summer days and helps prevent the build-up of mold & mildew in the Big Green Egg® during periods of non-use.



 Important Warning 

HOT- This SS Vented Chimney Cap is made of Stainless Steel and can and will cause burns or blistering once the grill is heated.  Do not touch any part of the metal once the grill is heated, use a gloved hand (approved glove for high temperatures) or a cooking implement to adjust the vent setting.

Nick P
I bought one of eggware's stainless steel caps for my Big Green Egg a couple months ago. I like not having to re-adjust the vents every time I open the lid, and I also like not having to store my egg when not in use with the green ceramic cover. Now I just keep the stainless cap on all the time. I also found that it does a good job of restricting airflow after a cook, so I don't have to put the ceramic chimney cover on to preserve my charcoal.

Overall I am very happy with this product. I highly recommend it as an improvement over the standard cast iron cap.

I purchased your vented chimney cap last week and wanted to share my thoughts. I originally bought the cap to keep rain from ruining my cooks. I has planned to smoke a pork shoulder over night last weekend and was worried about thunderstorms, so as soon as I found this cap on your website, I ordered it immediately.

As far as my hardware, I have a Primo Oval XL and the cap fits perfectly. However, before using the cap for the first time, I spray painted it black with high-temperature Rust-o-leum spray paint. The stainless steel clashed with the stark color of my all black grill, plus the black will hide any char marks from the smoke created over time. I let the paint dry for 36 hours or so and then installed it on my XL. I used the felt gasket with no issue and the cap fits nice and snug. My Primo cover still fits well and now I don't have to reset my top vent every time I open the lid!

I'm very happy with the cap and would highly recommend it to any owner of an Egg or Primo.
Great product! Saw this on one of the forums and immediately got it. So far I have cooked twice with the egg ware cap. Both times it worked flawlessly. Adjusting and maintaining temperatures is as easy as the stock cap for the egg. It's nice to be able to lift the lid of the egg and not have your setting on the cap go away. Also a plus if its raining! Great product guys! Must have for an BGE owner.
This is a great product. I am used to a classic offset smoker, so the control made a lot more sense to me than the daisy wheel. I should mention that this also works with high temp sears, as I made the best filet mignon I have ever made using this top. Open chimney to sear then half shut for the roast. Perfect medium rare steaks. This thing doesn't move when you open the dome. Great addition to the BGE, and it looks great.

I really like your Stainless Steel Cap. Quality of materials and construction are excellent…Welds are smooth and fit was perfect. Shipping was also super fast. Install of felt gasket took less than 60 seconds and just a few more seconds to drop on the two cap pieces and I was cooking. Cooked for 7 hours on my first time out. Cooked between 300 and 450 degrees with no issues. Cap stayed in place and held my temp settings even with repeated opening and closing of the BGE Dome. Cooking at 450-500 degrees the adjustment tab was still touchable with bare fingers. The 3 vent slide/rotating openings will give a very large range of temp control as well as smoke control in one easy motion compared to the BGE Daisy Wheel spin and slide controls. The control was very easy and solid all day. Great product and I will be ordering another one for my XL BGE.
Love this new vent cap! I finally replaced my old one, and now My Green Egg cooks better than ever!
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Smokeware SS Vented Cap debuts at the Austin, TX EggFest


The Smokeware Vented Chimney Cap Fits Many Kamado Grills!

Kamado Joe Grill Akorn Grill
Kamado Primo XL Grill   Kinuura Yaki Kamodo 1970's
1968 Asian Kamado Grill
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